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(ONLY 1 LEFT!) Vuurtoren Threaded

(ONLY 1 LEFT!) Vuurtoren Threaded

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Vuurtoren - Dutch for "lighthouse"


This two-piece, threaded patch set features the story of a beautiful seaside lighthouse, guiding sailors around the treacherous Dutch coast - and a menacing kraken.

These are based on the jokers from a playing card deck, Capsize, that was created by my dear Dutch friend, Circe. (She can be found on instagram @circesgame)

One patch portrays the lighthouse broadcasting beams of light with the kraken wrapping its tenacious tentacles around and through the stone tower.

The other patch shows the aftermath of the kraken’s crushing grip… the lighthouse crumbling into the sea.


Each set contains two patches, one of each design

Each patch is 4" x 2.67" , threaded

Limited to 30 sets made with velcro backing

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